New and improved Affinda web app!

We have some great news, Affinda has just released a new web app with some amazing new features.

You can now add multiple users to one organization account, so you never have to share login details again. You can also logically organize documents into Workspaces and Collections within your organization account. This will allow you to reflect more accurately how you organize your work around teams, job functions, or jurisdiction. You can even restrict access to documents so only those users within your organization who need access, get access.

Our document classification model has been updated and now determines the type of document that is uploaded. It will then either route it to the correct AI model or reject the document if it is the wrong document type.

You can now change field names, mandatory fields, and auto-validation thresholds at field levels, all within the app.

You're going to love the new and improved setup and document validation experience.