Webhooks available at Workspace level

In our efforts to continue to make the Affinda solution configurable to all customers' requirements, we have made an improvement to our webhook capabilities. Customers can now choose to webhooks at a Workspace level (in addition to Organization level).


'Magic' Line Item Table Improvements

We've made some important improvements to our Magic Tables feature. These updates are all about making life easier. With these Magic Tables improvements, you can effortlessly capture nested or semi-structured data. It's a more stable and intuitive experience that empowers you to work with confidence.


Self-Learning Improvements

We are delighted to announce the addition of some much-requested features to our app for tailored + custom models.


Credit Usage API

We've made it easier than ever for partners and resellers to gain insights into credit consumption at a more granular level. Now, you can access detailed credit usage data for specific Workspaces or Collections using our new API endpoints, enabling you to make informed decisions and streamline your billing processes.


Automated Document Splitting

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest feature - Automated Document Splitting! This powerful addition allows you to split a single PDF document into its individual components automatically, streamlining your document management process like never before. Say goodbye to manually identifying splits and hello to increased efficiency!


Validation Interface Enhancements

We are delighted to announce some fantastic new features and enhancements to our validation tool that will take your experience to the next level!


Custom Field Predictions

We are excited to announce that customers now have the ability to add custom fields to our 'off the shelf' models. This feature empowers customers to capture and utilize any data that is specific to their unique use cases.


OpenAI Integration & Consent

Affinda has integrated with OpenAI's GPT family of large language models to enable a seamless and immediate experience when creating new models and when adding new fields to existing models.


Resume and Job Description Data Update via API v3

Our latest API version, API v3, now supports the seamless adding and updating of resume and job description data, including custom fields. This improvement resolves compatibility issues experienced with API v2 and ensures a smoother experience for all users.


Request a tailored model from within the app

Our latest update allows you to request a custom model tailored to your needs, right from within our app! Unlock a more personalized document processing experience that achieves greater accuracy and delivers even greater efficiency gains.