Resume Parser Visualization

We're thrilled to announce that Resumes are now viewable in the Affinda Validation Interface. With this new feature, users can now access and analyze the data extracted from resumes directly within our validation interface. The validation interface now displays relevant data extracted from resumes, allowing users to review and analyze parsed information conveniently. Gone are the days of manually cross-referencing data points!

The extracted data shown in the interface includes crucial elements such as personal information, contact details, work experience, education, and skills.

However, it is important to note that it does not include all data that would be returned through the API such as certifications, publications, and referees. In addition, any additional data mapped to the data extracted from resumes, such as management level, occupation classification, and skill taxonomies, are not included in the visualization. We recommend analyzing the full range of data parsed from the Affinda solution by referring to the schema here or by viewing an export of some sample resumes.

For existing customers, this change will have no impact on your solution. You can log in to the Affinda app to view the visualizations, however, this will not impact your use of the API to return candidate data.