Resume and Job Description Data Update via API v3

Our latest API version, API v3, now supports the seamless adding and updating of resume and job description data, including custom fields. This improvement resolves compatibility issues experienced with API v2 and ensures a smoother experience for all users.

Key Features

1. Resume Data Updates: Modify resume data programmatically with API v3. When recruiters or candidates edit the information in your platform, this gets reflected in Affinda's system and flows through to our Search & Match product.

2. Job Description Updates: Update job description details, including qualifications and responsibilities, to enhance the Search experience.

3. Create from data - create resumes or job descriptions directly from your existing data, meaning you don't need to reparse documents

4. Custom Field Support: Add and update custom fields that suit your specific requirements.

5. Improved Compatibility: API v3 resolves previous compatibility issues, ensuring that users can stay using the latest API version at all times.

Get Started

Resumes or job descriptions can be created from 'data' using the Upload a document for parsing endpoint.

Updating of resume and job description data is available via the Update a document endpoint. (For other document types, please use Update an annotation or Batch update annotations.