Document Splitting launched

Affinda's AI models are trained to assume a document only has a single instance of an invoice or other document type within it. However, often, a document will contain multiple invoices that need to be separated for the model to be effective in picking up all the relevant fields. With Affinda's new document splitting interface, separating these files is quick and simple.


Job Match

Help candidates find the right job for them using our latest functionality release to our Search & Match product: Job Match.


Multi-Factor Authentication option enabled on all accounts

At Affinda, we know how important it is to keep your data safe and secure. As a result, we have given all users the option to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on their accounts to ensure their data stays where it should.


HR-XML format

We have enabled an option for users to export the data that Affinda's Resume Parser extracts from documents in HR-XML format. Customers already using HR-XML format within their platform can now seamlessly switch to Affinda without any additional mapping of data fields as part of their solution implementation.


'Enable OCR' & Multi-rectangle Annotations

We are continuing to identify ways to ensure our Invoice Validation Interface allows users to extract the data from invoices with 100% accuracy. To that effect, we have launched two new functionality improvements that will allow users to better deal with some exceptions that come up from time to time.


Embeddable Search Interface

We are happy to announce that our Search Interface is now offered in embedded mode to seamlessly customise and add our Search & Match solution to your platform.


Profile Scoring and Search by Candidate

We have released two new exciting features to our Search & Match solution.


Customisations & Configurability Options

To ensure that our solution interacts as seamlessly as possible with your users and existing workflow, we have added a range of customisation options:


Tailored Models

Customers can now make use of an AI model that is tailored to their documents. The presence of the human validation element in the Affinda solution means that a feedback loop can be created between the AI model predictions and the corrected human validations.


Confidence Levels & Auto-Validation

Our new confidence levels and auto-validation features are key to minimising the amount of human intervention required, saving time and money for you.