Self-Learning Improvements

We are delighted to announce the addition of some much-requested features to our app for tailored + custom models.

Learn from Reviewed Documents

We've introduced the "Learn from Reviewed Documents" toggle into our app. With this feature, users are given the power to decide if documents, confirmed in a certain Collection, should be included in the training queue for the relevant Extractor. So, now not only can you have QA/Dev & Live Collections with the same Extractor, you can also avoid model regression caused due to unwanted data being fed into the system. This means you now have greater control over which documents are used to train a model without having to rely on us making changes at the backend.

Date Last Trained

Secondly, we've also incorporated an indication of when a model was last trained. This imparts drastically improved visibility into the model’s performance capabilities. With this feature at your disposal, you can now better assess whether a model should have improved from a re-train.

Accessing the Features

To access these features is simple:

  1. Navigate to 'Collection settings' in the app.
  2. To enable the learning toggle, all you need to do is flip it on.

These features are available not only via the app interface but also through our API for enhanced convenience and flexibility