API Overview


Affinda's API users basic authentication using an API Key. Each Affinda user will have their own API keys which can be managed within their user profile settings.

Send Authorization in the header containing the word Bearer followed by a space and a Token String.

Categories of Endpoints


Workspace1. Create, update and delete Workspaces
2. Manage user access and permissions to Workspaces
3. Get the list of all Workspaces and associated details
4. Update the settings of Workspaces
Collection1. Create and delete Collections
2. Get the list of all Collections and associated details
3. Update the settings of Collections
Document1. Upload documents to Affinda
2. Get extracted data from specific document
3. Update the status or other metadata for a document
4. Delete the document from Affinda
Extractor1. Create and update extractors
Data Point1. Create, update and delete custom data points
Tag1. Create, update and delete tags that can be applied to documents

Organization & User

Organization 1. Create new Organizations
2. Get details of the Organization
Invitation1. Invite and respond to invitations to join an Organization
Membership1. Get details of all members within the Organization
2. Update roles of members


Allows users to set up and manage webhooks. See Webhooks for more information.

Search & Match

Indexing 1. Create and manage indexes
2. Add documents to indexes
Searching1. Search jobs and candidates via API
2. Get skills and job suggestions
Embedding1. Update search config for the candidate and job match UI
2. Create signed URLs that enable the UI to be embedded