Email Upload

Uploading documents via email is a convenient and hassle-free solution for those who prefer to use email for document sharing and means that the data extraction process can fit seamlessly within your existing processes.

The process is simple, all customers need to do is attach their documents to an email and send it to a specific email address provided by us. Our system will automatically extract the attachments and apply our AI models to process them accordingly.

Email addresses to use for uploading documents can be found in the Settings panel of all Workspaces and Collections.

  • Each Workspace and Collection will have a unique email address associated with it
  • Email addresses can be refreshed for security reasons on a periodic basis within the Settings panel if required
  • The API response will include the email address that the document was received from


Upload limit of 10 attachments per email

Any emails sent with more than 10 attachments will not be processed by Affinda