User Management and Permissions

Adding New Users

As an optional additional step, you can choose to add new Users to your Organization. These Users can either have Admin rights or be Members, whose access can be limited and who will not be able to change any settings.

To add new Users to your Organization, navigate to your Organization home page and click 'Members' >'Invite Member'. Enter the email address of the User you would like to add and the type of access you would like to grant and then click "Invite". The individual will receive an email inviting them to accept the invitation, at which point they will be prompted to either log in to their existing account or register a new account. 

Inviting and managing members of your organisation can also be completed through the Organization endpoints within the API.

User Permissions


Can do everything, including full access to the Organization settings, can manage other users, and billing for the team


The only role is to validate documents within Workspaces they have been granted permission. Members cannot change any settings.