Recruitment Products Overview

Affinda's Recruitment product suite has been designed differently with a different workflow in mind to the other typical use cases for the solution. Given the nature of resumes and how they are handled, aiming for 100% accuracy through user and other forms of data validation is not required.

Product Suite

Affinda covers four complimentary products as part of our Recruitment product suite. These products leverage our core technology and the data extracted from the Resume Parser to deliver time-saving products to the recruitment industry.

Resume Parser

Affinda's Resume Parser can be purchased standalone but also powers our Redactor and Search & MatchSearch & Match products. Our resume parser quickly and accurately recognises and processes over 100 different fields across 56 different languages.

Affinda have two publicly available versions of our Resume Parser:

  1. NextGen Resume Parser - our newest version (V4) which benefits from enhanced accuracy and greater field coverage.
    1. See Getting Started with the NextGen Resume Parser for more information. Released in Febraury 2024.
  2. Legacy Resume Parser - the third iteration of our Resume Parser
    1. See Resume Parser (legacy) for more information.

Job Description Parser

Affinda's Job Description Parser uses the same industry-leading technology as our Resume Parser and applies it to job descriptions. Extracting the key data from job descriptions means that candidates can quickly be ranked and shortlisted using our Search & Match solution.

Search & Match

Using the outputs from Affinda's Resume Parser and Job Description Parser, the Search & Match solution uses an advanced algorithm to return a ranked shortlist of the most relevant jobs or candidates for a given search query. Automate recruitment processes and make searching almost instant by matching against the parsed results of a specific candidate or job description.

Resume Redactor

When a candidate has been identified, personal information or other data may need to be obscured. The AI model that is used to extract data for the Resume Parser recognises and identifies all the fields within a resume and this data can be redacted and returned as a new file.