Resume Redactor

Affinda's Resume Redactor utilises the same AI technology that is the core of its industry-leading Resume Parser to redact information on resumes. 

Redaction Options

Affinda offers users the ability to select different fields to redact from resumes depending on their needs. Options of fields that can be redacted using our Resume Redaction API include:

  • Personal Details incl. name, address, phone number, email
  • Work Details incl. company name
  • Education Details incl. university name
  • Head Shot Photo
  • Referees
  • Locations
  • Dates
  • Gender

One or many of these options can easily be redacted by including them in the API request.

Benefits of Resume Redaction

Protect against discriminatory biases
Including bias for or against age, gender, nationality, etc.

Promote fair candidate selection
Highlight skills and experience rather than background

Foster increased diversity
Build teams with broader views and perspectives