Search and Match

Affinda's Search & Match is a flexible and transparent solution designed to transform the way that recruiters find the right candidates for job openings. Affinda's Search & Match solution can be integrated with Affinda’s industry-leading Resume Parser and Job Description Parser products or users can incorporate their candidate database and search parameters.

Types of matching

Affinda's solution comprises various types of matching:

  • Candidate Matching
    • Search by Job Description - search an index of candidate resume data against a single job description to find the best candidates for a given role
    • Find Similar Candidates - search an index of candidate resume data against a single candidate to find similar candidates
  • Job Matching - search an index of job descriptions against a single candidate to find the best role for a given candidate
  • Profile Scoring - returns a single score assessing the match of a single candidate with a single job description

Using Search & Match

  1. Create an index
  2. Add resumes or job descriptions to the index
  3. Search the index either via API or using the Affinda Search Interface
    1. The search query can be created automatically using a resume or job description or manually using a custom query
  4. (optional) Adjust category weights and query elements

Benefits of the Search & Match solution

  • Fast - Overcome the ineffective and slow talent acquisition process by identifying candidates that best suit the role in a matter of seconds
  • Automated - Advanced AI technology automatically analyses the job requirements and can search through the whole candidate database for the best matches without any human intervention
  • Flexible - Recruiters can choose to search across their custom fields from your system and choose whether to fully automate the process or create custom queries
  • Accurate - Our smart technology understands the relative importance of search inputs to identify the most relevant results
  • Transparent - Ranked list of candidates with scores broken down per category
    Integrated - Easy integration via API or with the Affinda Search UI embedded into your platform