API Keys are managed at a user level within the Affinda app and can be managed via the User settings page. Each API key is only viewable once when created for security purposes. As a result, users should ensure that they copy their API keys and store them in a safe location within their own environment.


API keys can always be re-generated if a user fails to copy their initial key

Key rotation

Users can manage API keys effectively via the rotation capabilities offered through the web app.

  • Viewing the key: Once you create a key, you will only be able to view it once within your user settings page in the application. It is crucial that you copy and store it in a safe location within your own environment.
  • Maximum of 3 API keys: You can generate a maximum of three API keys within the Affinda app.
  • Naming and Expiry: Each API key can be named and set with an expiry date or to never expire, based on your requirements.