Custom Business Rules


Custom business rules and logic can be implemented to create additional checks or automation into your solution. The business logic can be configured in two ways:

  • Auto-validation
    A set of validation rules can be applied to a Collection and when all of these rules are satisfied, the data field or even the document itself can be auto-validated. For example, users may want to introduce a rule so that if sub-total plus tax equals invoice total, then these 3 data fields all get auto-validated.
    Similarly, customers may wish to create multiple rules that cover a range of data fields and if all of these are satisfied, the whole document itself is auto-validated, delivering straight-through processing and removing any human validation input.
  • User validation checks
    Rules can also be set up so that a document cannot be validated by a user until all rules are satisfied. Affinda will check to see if all rules have been satisfied, and if they are not, then the user will not be able to 'Confirm' the document within the user interface.

Setting up Custom Business Rules

Currently, all configuration of any Custom Business Rules on customer accounts is completed by the Affinda team. Please contact your account manager to discuss how this could be implemented for your Organization.