Indexing Data

Affinda's Search & Match solution is designed to search across one or more 'indices'. These indices contain the data that is relevant for searching quickly and efficiently through thousands of candidates or job records. 

Customers can create as many indices as they wish and enables a search to be made across their entire database, or just a subset of the relevant candidate or job set. For example, customers may wish to create a new index that reflects each job type, candidate location, or recruitment consultant. 

Process for indexing data

Indexing data is managed programmatically via the Affinda API. There is a simple process to follow to create indices that are then easily searchable using the Affinda Search & Match solution.

  1. Create a new index - Create a new index
  2. Add data to index - Index a new document

Note, to index data from your existing database first create the resume record in our system by uploading the resume for parsing using the API using the 'data' method (see here for more information) and then indexing using the unique identifier returned.

Each index will have a unique identifier associated with it that users must then specify when searching.