Adding and Updating Candidates Directly

If you are a new customer of Affinda, it is likely that you will want to search for candidates that you already have on file within your system. In addition, you may want to update candidates' details when you learn new information or their status changes.

Affinda's API allows you to easily add existing candidates to the Affinda platform, without having to re-parse the candidate's resumes, as well as update any candidates that have already been added.

Creating a new candidate record

Customers should use the same API endpoint Upload a document for parsing) used for uploading resumes to add an existing candidate record to the Affinda platform. However, instead of uploading a PDF, .docx or URL (or another file type), customers should create a resume with 'data'.

This requires that the data in your system be mapped to a JSON-encoded string of the ResumeData object. 

Resumes added using this data method do not use any parsing credits.

Updating an existing candidate record

The process for updating a candidate record is the same as above, in that the request requires JSON-encoded string of the ResumeData object. However, the endpoint should use the Update a document's data endpoint.


For other document types, please use the PATCH /annotations/{id} endpoint or the POST /annotations/batch_update endpoint.