Affinda's Receipts product has been trained on a wide set of B2C receipts. It is an effective tool for Accounts Payable, expense management and employee reimbursements. Given the nature of B2C receipts, a tailored model is typically not recommended as there is unlikely to be a concentrated set of high-volume suppliers with similar receipt formats that are being processed by each customer.

As with other products, we return a range of metadata on top of the following fields as standard:


  • Supplier Company Name
  • Supplier Business Number
  • Supplier Address
  • Supplier phone Number
  • Supplier Website
  • Supplier Email


  • Receipt Date
  • Receipt Number
  • Currency Code


  • Payment Amount Base
  • Payment Amount Tax
  • Payment Amount Other
  • Payment Amount Total
  • Payment Amount Paid
  • Payment Change
  • Payment Card Information

Line Items

  • Item Code
  • Item Description
  • Item Unit
  • Item Unit Price
  • Item Quantity
  • Item Discount
  • Item Base Total
  • Item Total
  • Item Tax Rate
  • Item Tax Total